Watching a good movie can cheer up your spirits. If you live in America, it’s Hollywood. Yea we all drool over the posh lifestyle of our beloved stars and we love how the movies start with big Hollywood sign. But wait there’s also Bollywood, the term used for Hindi-language film industry. And those of you think that Bollywood is least important or irrelevant, might be a bit mis-informed. If you don’t believe me, check out the facts below and i’m sure it will change your perspective .

Here we have jotted down a comparison between the two cinema industries.

Hollywood Bollywood
Origin Eadweard Muybridge created      the first Hollywood film in 1878. It consists of a series of pictures of a horse running around. Although Lumiere Brothers brought the art of cinema in 1896, the first Indian movie, Raja Harishchandra was created in 1913.
Location The industry is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California and that is where it derives its name from. Bollywood does not exist in a physical place. The name Bollywood is derived from Bombay, the former name of Mumbai, which happens to be the first city where Indian cinema was introduced.
Production Rate & Audience On an average Hollywood produces 500 films per year and has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion Bollywood produces more than 1000 films per year and has a worldwide audience of 3 billion.
Revenue Even though Hollywood produces only a fraction of films made all over the world, it earns a whopping 75% of total revenues. The foreign market contributes to 50% of its earnings. Bollywood reported revenue of $3.4 Billion in 2010, which is just half the revenue of 1 Hollywood studio. Foreign market contributes to 20% earnings.
Most Expensive Movie Ever Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) Ra.One (2011)
Highest Paid Star (2011) Leonardo Dicaprio (US $77 million) Salman Khan (US $9 million)
Highest Grossing Movie Avatar (US $2.8 billion) 3 Idiots (US $76.81 million)

Bollywood has a stereotypical image world-wide. It has action, drama, emotion, romance, comedy all in one. It is known around the globe for producing good romance / love stories. Especially in India Bollywood stars are given the pedestal of Gods and the craze following their new releases is unbelievable. Hollywood on the other hand is among the top grosser worldwide. The budget of a sci-fi action Hollywood flick is 10 times higher than a Bollywood flick. In terms of special effects also Hollywood wins the race.

There’s no doubt that Hollywood has set a benchmark in all the genres, world-wide. But considering the fact that, 14 million Indians watch Bollywood movies every day, the comparison between the two giants of cinema industry remains undecided.