When Hollywood’s own girl next door set out to promote Marley & Me, she did choose GQ as the channel and herself as the most potent weapon. The sizzling cover featured Aniston wearing nothing but a red, white and blue striped necktie. Apparently the blue and red tie was supposed to be patriotic.

Jessica Biel was just 17 when she scorched the cover of Gear magazine. Many hit back saying it was child pornography knowing her age. But who cares? She got what she wanted and is doing pretty well now.

Nobody becomes Sexiest Woman alive for nothing. Ted star Mila Kunis came out off her tops in all glory on this Esquire cover.

The pages of this 2006 Vanity Fair was melting from the scorching heat of two hotbods. Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley were emanating on the cover page, posing for designer Tom Ford.

November 2010 cover of W magazine came to respect the famous nothing of American television. Her apparent claim to fame was a sex tape and some nude pictures for Playboy Mag. Yea none other than Kim Kardashian.

Annie Liebovitz teenish innocense turned into a raunchy arousing stuff in 2008 Vanity Fair. Miley Cyrus almost went topless.

Fall issue of 2012 V magazine, presented a bared all Aussie superstar Nicole Kidman.

August 1992 of Vanity Fair choose not to hide any of Demi Moore‘s curves under any clothing. A thin coat of pigmentation was all she had over her.