Having grown in the eastern part of India, I certainly didn’t grow up watching Rajinikanth movies. So my first recollection of Rajinikanth comes from those stupid jokes that have been trending in almost all social networking sites. So what makes this man a Superstar? What’s so special about him? We all wanna know, and this is what we dug up.

Rajinikanth’s story is straight out of the movies: Boy from the wrong side of the tracks makes it big. His popularity has been attributed to the eccentric way he delivers those uniquely styled dialogues and his quirky signature moves: The finger pointing skyward, deft handiwork with the sunglasses and the best is his cigarette toss. In almost all films, Rajinikanth delivers punchlines in an inimitable style.

Apart from films, Rajinikanth as a person is a very simple man, who takes success and failure in the same stride, as told by his younger sister. People who have worked with him say that he treats everybody equally on the sets whether it’s a light boy or a co-star. His simplicity, humility and humane nature makes other stars and the common man respect him and look up to him.

So how popular is Rajinikanth? That’s not hard to guess for someone who has been bestowed with Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honor. He’s the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan and was named by Forbes India as the most influential Indian of 2010. Having worked in over 150 films across in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi film Industry, he is the only actor to become a chapter in CBSE syllabus titled ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’.

The magnetism that this person has is unique and he will always be remembered for his love, generosity, understanding, respect and dedication to duty. As the saying goes “Fame comes greatest to those who do not purposely set out to achieve it”