As I collected the next issue of a popular fashion magazine, I was stunned to see a striking photograph of Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover. I stood and kept gazing at her head full of brown hair, her dark brown eyes glistening among the perfect whites of her eyes and her perfectly contoured red lips. How could anyone look so good?

I checked out some more previous magazine issues and was amazed. All the models or actresses who featured on the covers looked perfect. Not one blemish, scar, wrinkle, or mole. No hair was out of place and not an ounce of noticeable body fat. And the clothes looked like they had been tailored to suit them.

To give us some sense of reality, StyleBlazer gives us an insight to the difference between the original and doctored photos of 14 most airbrushed celebrities. It’s impossible to look perfect and some celebrities don’t even look like their images. The question is why doctor a photo? Magazine covers, fashion articles, advertisements and movies have to sell. They have to allure consumers to buy their product. And let’s face it we are all attracted to the perfect figure, face icon.

Doctoring a photo however, affects the common mass a lot. It sends out this wrong message that real is out and fake is in. It makes people feel bad about themselves who are led to believe that ordinary is ugly. Some of them even spend fortunes trying to change themselves through make-up, cosmetic surgery and performance enhancement drugs. In an attempt to please others, they end up being unsatisfied with themselves even after a makeover.

It’s time we came outta the myth of ‘flawless celebrities and models’ and start loving ourself. What is not real is not worth our time, energy or money. Flawless and doctored photos don’t make up the entire society. So get up, go out and enjoy getting clicked real. You are way more beautiful than you think!