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30 Mar 2012         romance
Kittu, who is addicted to Facebook. He develops the friendship with Lalli. They both become good friends and decide to meet each another. When the time for meeting comes up, both of them develop cold feet. While Kittu sends his friend Akash to meet Lalli, she, on the other hand, sends her friend Lavanya to meet Kittu.When Akash and Lavanya meet, it


Lovely_poster is love at first sight for them. Akash is now in love with Lavanya and she too reciprocates his feelings. Here comes the twist. Maharadhi father of Lavanya does not approve love of Akash and Lovely. The reason is he does not like the behavior and attitude of Akash. Now, it is up to Akash to change his behaviour and impress Maharadhi. Director:
B. Jayamma
Writers: Stars:
Rajendra Prasad,
Vennela Kishore,
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