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11 Apr 1997         romance and action
Deva, an irascible young man, lives with his father advocate Ashok Pradhan, brother Akash, sister Guddi and mother. He is greatly vigilant about the well-being of his family – an intrinsic reason of his fury and stubbornness. One day a man named Vilas irks Guddi by catching hold of her hand. Deva, in a fit of extreme rage, breaks off a hand of the
We found Ziddi a hell of a lot of fun to watch, though not necessarily for the reasons the filmma...
Planet Bollywood
In conclusion, it is pity that "Ziddi" is still doing well in its third week in India. This kind ...


Ziddi-poster man. Deva is sued, and is sent to jail for 4 years Director:
Guddu Dhanoa
Writers: Stars:
Sunny Deol,
Raveena Tandon,
Farida Jalal,
Beena Banerjee,
Anupam Kher,
Sharat Saxena,
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