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What is Muvi

Muvi is a discovery platform for movies. It works like an external brain where you outsource all of your decisions regarding what to watch. 

Now you would be thinking, “Hey, I don’t need this, I know better what I want to watch”. Indeed, you do. However, to decide what to watch, you first have to know about the movie, spend time doing all sorts of research (who is the actor, what’s the story, what were the reviews etc...), and figure out if it suits your taste. What happens when you come across a new movie? Again you have to do all of that research even though your choice and taste in the movies has remained fairly the same.

This is where Muvi comes in. Muvi tries to remember and develop a pattern about your taste, for every movie that you have watched and want to watch. Our algorithms pull out the movies exclusively for you. So all you have to do is just grab your bowl of popcorn, top off your soda, sit back and watch.

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of engineers who love movies and work passionately to make the movie watching experience a bit better. We are based in New York, USA. 

Have any questions or feedback for us, or just want to say hi? Drop us an email at, we will reply right away!

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