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Uploading Users’ Data


Users’ data provides you the details of which user has viewed which content and for how many times. By analyzing the users’ viewing preference, Alie will recommend content to the specific users. However, to allow Alie to provide recommendations to the users, first, you need to upload the users’ data. You can view the users’ data under “Dataview” in the CMS.

How to Upload User View Data

  • To upload User View Data, click on “Dataview” on the left-hand side of the CMS.
  • On the right-hand side click on “Add Data
  • Click on “Add User View
  • Click on “Download Template” to download the sample MS Excel file.

  • You need to enter the data into the MS Excel file as mentioned in the sample file and save it. (See Below Screenshot)

  • Once you entered the data, again go to “Add Data” à “Add User View
  • Click on “Browse” to select the MS Excel user data file.
  • Then, click on “Upload”. The data will be uploaded to your CMS.
  • When you click on the “User Data” tab, you will see the uploaded data under it.