Search contents over the site by content title or episode title.

GET rest/searchDataSearch is based on Content Titles & Episode titles.

Search Data

Based on search query it will return the result. Input query will be searched over Content Titles, Episode Titles. It will return best matched results with pagination.


offsetYesIntegerPagination page number.

Example Response

    "code": 200,
    "msg": "OK",
    "search": [
            "0": "0",
            "movie_id": "91",
            "movie_stream_id": "124",
            "is_episode": "0",
            "permalink": "basu",
            "name": "Basu",
            "content_type_id": "94",
            "full_movie": "smallmp4_samll__sdf_asd.mp4",
            "story": "test test",
            "genre": "[\"Action\"]",
            "release_date": "2015-05-13",
            "content_types_id": "1",
            "display_name": "Films",
            "content_permalink": "films",
            "episode_title": null,
            "episode_number": null,
            "video_url": "http:\/\/\/uploads\/movie_stream\/full_movie\/124\/smallmp4_samll__sdf_asd.mp4",
            "details_permalink": "http:\/\/\/films\/basu",
            "poster_url": "http:\/\/\/public\/system\/posters\/102\/thumb\/Bipasha Basu.jpg",
            "actor": ""
    "limit": 10,
    "offset": 0,
    "item_count": "1"