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Artificial Intelligence and Muvi

Learn how Muvi supports Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically transforming the business potential of broadcast, media and entertainment industry. From leveraging AI for content distribution to delivering hyper-personalized viewing experiences, from AI-fueled content production to monetization, from optimization of metadata to optimization of network efficiency and bandwidth issues — adoption of Artificial Intelligence is rising and reshaping the streaming ecosystem. There is immense opportunity for companies to capitalize on a diverse set of AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming, Deep Learning to drive innovation and revenue within their enterprise.

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  • Content Recommendation Engine
  • Language Assistant
  • Video Image Recognition
  • CMS UI

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to reason, adapt to new inputs, learn from past events and perform tasks in the way humans do. Combining computational power with smart algorithms, machines can use high-level simulations of human neurological processes to accelerate innovation, and solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Integrating machines with powerful automation, cognitive technologies, data-intensive processes is enabling game-changing use cases such as hyper-personalized content recommendation engine, advanced analytics and image and language recognition within video and other rich media.


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Using Artificial Intelligence in Media

Artificial Intelligence is positioned to disrupt the broadcast, media and entertainment industry with constant innovations and streamlined workflow. From advancements in content authoring, correlation, contextualization to improving accuracy of images, AI can help to analyze the most sold and appealing content for keeping the audience engaged. Using AI will enable media producers, content owners and advertisers in producing various forms of curated content-textual, audio and video.

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