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Anshuman is the founder and CEO of Muvi. He’s a serial entrepreneur. Prior to starting Muvi, he founded two companies and sold one of them. A man of ideas, he has an unusual capacity for visualizing and formulating new techniques, businesses, and products and a unique flair for turning great ideas into great outcomes. He is currently based in New York. wrote

Thoughtsday Leadership: How to Price your Audio/Video Content
26 March 2020

  WELCOME TO THOUGHTSDAY LEADERSHIP Welcome aboard to Muvi’s Thoughtsday Leadership knowledge session! Just to let you know, Thoughtsday Leadership is a monthly affair taking place on the las... Read More

Doing Our Bit: Message From CEO, Muvi
07 April 2020

  The COVID-19 has shaken mankind and the coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses, communities, families everyone irrespective of race, social and economic status. We wanted to reach out to eve... Read More

The Impact of COVID-19 on Pay TV & Online Streaming Industry
30 April 2020

  The global pandemic has possibly hit every major industry from IT to logistics. Individuals across the globe have started to adapt to remote working and isolation. With the entire world under ... Read More 4 mins read

Google Gears up for Launching its Streaming Device
28 May 2020

  With the global pandemic on the rise, streaming statistics have hit its highest with Netflix recording a massive 47% increase in subscriber sign-ups. COVID-19 has helped proliferate the busine... Read More

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