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A writer by choice, Leena is a Content Writer at Muvi. She specializes in writing engaging blogs and has more than three years of experience in the content marketing field. When she isn’t playing with words, Leena engrosses herself in criminal and thriller novels. wrote

How The OTT Industry Can Benefit From Programmatic Advertising?
22 April 2021

Is your ad reaching your target audience? Do you feel it's time-consuming having to negotiate with many advertisers? Do you feel frustrated having to fill up the spaces in your ad inventory? If you... Read More 4 mins read

Top 6 Tips For Better OTT Advertising
25 April 2021

  Is your ad revenue up to the mark? Are your online viewers skipping your ad the most instead of clicking on it? Is your ad becoming boring for your online viewers? The OTT platform is a gre... Read More

A Cheat Sheet To Build Any Online Business
26 April 2021

  Do you know the number of successful online businesses is not even half of the total number that started and failed due to multiple reasons? While the reasons range from lack of industry knowledg... Read More

Top 10 Proven Hacks For Promoting A New E-Commerce Store
27 April 2021

Do you have enough traffic on your e-commerce store? Are you struggling to make a mark in the e-commerce crowd? Are you failing to engage your visitors in your e-commerce store? Do you know startin... Read More 7 mins read

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