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Narendiran Krishnan

AI blogger. Inspiring & working towards a better future through technology & Artificial Intelligence with Hands-on experience in Cloud stacks like --> Azure, AWS, IBM, Open Stack and worked with Terraform for automation of Cloud Infrastructure as a service. Deep Reinforcement Learning (Unity, did TensorFlow code migration), Synthetic Data (Unity), and RASA Chatbot... Join me in the quest.

Narendiran Krishnan wrote

Video Streaming using Opencv4nodejs with Node js, Express and Socket IO
01 February 2021

Hey guys, welcome to 2021 and I know it is very late to wish everyone !!!  It's a new year and the right time to learn something new, I mean yes so let's look into this new concept, it's OpenCV. Yes... Read More 5 mins read

Generate SSL Certificate Using Node JS for Web Apps
10 February 2021

  Hey everyone here I will give you all a heads up with the basic setup of a Node js app with SSL certificate. We will be using the OpenSSL for this and along with Express and Nodemon for this a... Read More 7 mins read

Setup your own CoTurn Server using EC2
26 February 2021

NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal servers in  WebRTC are the reason that media gets properly connected and those servers are STUN and TURN. What is Turn Server? Traversal Using Relays aro... Read More

Node forever js on any Virtual Machine
15 March 2021

Hey everyone we are aware of one thing Node js apps runs only after we start the node services but still it will stop once we close the terminal. Moreover this happens even in the local system itself ... Read More 4 mins read

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