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Sabyasachi has over 5 years of experience with B2B and B2C contents. Writing has been an absolute passion of his since his high school days and he worships Anglo Saxon Literature. As far as hobbies go, he is an avid swimmer and a hiker.

sabyasachi wrote

Essential Components of a VoD Streaming Channel
03 June 2021

What do you think makes us human?  One word “storytelling”. Not only does the art of stellar storytelling make us unique as a species, it also explains the world’s obsession with watching cont... Read More 7 mins read

Ad Tech Glossary - Know the Industry Terms
04 June 2021

To say that Ad Tech is super confusing would be the understatement of the century. Today’s Ad Tech landscape is far more comprehensive than what it was even a couple of years back.  Statista predi... Read More 10 mins read

5 Tips To Create a Solid Video Marketing Strategy in 2021
08 June 2021

Do you want to know what’s actually working in video marketing for 2021?  You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all the tips and we’re starting right now! We can all agree that v... Read More 10 mins read

8 Game-Changing Benefits of a Software-Based Playout
11 June 2021

Broadcast and media professionals are constantly being barraged by technological advances, forcing them to have a more comprehensive approach to deploying effective workflows.  Effective playout aut... Read More 4 mins read

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