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soumya wrote

Muvi welcomes you at IBC 2017.
25 August 2017

If you are a media and broadcasting enthusiast and still haven’t registered for IBC 2017, you are surely missing out on the next big things in the industry. IBC is where technology meets media, and... Read More 3 mins read

Manage device authentication and login.
12 September 2017

Being able to manage user device authentication is one means of enhancing your platform’s security standards. As a platform provider, it’s good to be in control of who accesses your platform, and ... Read More

Why HDR is a bigger breakthrough than 4K
13 September 2017

Of late, 4K has been the big thing in display technology. It refers to the pixel count that a television display can accommodate. 4K = 3840 X 2160 pixels It essentially represents 3840 horizontal pi... Read More 7 mins read

Add feeds for Audio Live Streaming on Muvi platform
06 October 2017

You can now stream live audio content on the Muvi platform. If you run an online radio show, or a live podcast, or maybe an audio coverage of a musical concert or a playback at a recording studio, or ... Read More

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