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They say don’t judge the book by its cover; however, viewers do. Banners are the single most important asset that draws viewers towards your content. They are the indicators of the message constituent within a particular video or audio content on your streaming platform; and will decide whether it will be played or not.

Muvi has therefore empowered you to customize your banner in a convenient manner.

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  • Banner Styles
  • Image/Video Banner
  • Banner Slider
  • Custom Content
  • HTML Designing

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Banner Styles

Style your banner according to your wish. Choose from a range of available banner styles, or you may request a new style. You can even add banners in any size that fits your website or app template.

Video Monetization

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Image/Video Banner


You can not only upload image banners for your content, but also add short video banners. This will give your users a better indication of what’s the particular content is all about, will reveal the style of the movie or show, and will help decide whether or not the content is worth their time. It purposes as a mini teaser for a title.

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Set Slider Speed

Not just one image banner or video banner; on Muvi, you can create a banner slider consisting of multiple assets. You can add assets to each slide, order them, and also set the slider speed.

Video Monetization

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Add Custom Content


You can add custom texts, custom Call-to-Action button, as well as add custom URL links to your new and existing banners on your platform. So, you can completely customize your banner content and offer the most suitable mix.

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HTML Designing

Muvi goes a step ahead and offers an advanced feature that enables HTML designing on the platform. As the owner, you can design the banner overlay in HTML, and widen your scope of designs.

Video Monetization

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