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Top Questions About Muvi Billing We are Often Asked

How Muvi Billing can help in my subscription business?

Muvi Billing is an off-the-shelf plug-&-play billing solution delivered on the cloud. You can set up Muvi Billing as your Billing engine and we will take care of all billing-related needs for your subscription business including enrolling your user on a subscription plan to charging them on a recurring basis with your preferred Payment Gateway and in a most secure way. Muvi Billing also helps you to run special promotional events to market your business through its Coupons/Vouchers feature.

What qualifies Muvi Billing to handle my revenue management?

We provide multiple reports on your revenue out of the box. Our state-of-the-art Analytics module provides you with widgets through which you can design reports according to your need and usability.
Such data will help you predict consumer behavior at the micro-market level
and you can plan on selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price and with the right pack to maximize revenue growth.

Does Muvi Billing provide complete secrecy of my user data, bank details, passwords, etc.?

Yes, Muvi Billing guarantees complete secrecy of your user data and payment details. The passwords are always encrypted. Also, Muvi Billing does not store any payment-related data. The Bank Details, credit card information, etc. are sent to your preferred payment gateways and stored at their end. Muvi only stores the last few digits of the card required for identification and the token provided by the gateway to process recurring payments.

My preferred payment gateway is not mentioned. What can I do?

You can add your preferred payment gateway using our integration module or send us a request to integrate the same for you.

Who will bear the Payment Gateway costs?

You will need to bear costs for Payment Gateway. Muvi Billing provides you with in-built support for 17+ Payment Gateways.

How does Muvi Billing bill my customers?

Muvi Billing keeps the payment information like Credit Card, Bank Details, etc. of your customers at your preferred gateway end and charges them through a token ID provided by the gateway for recurring payments.

I am a document person. Does Muvi Billing provide safe record keeping?

Yes, Muvi Billing keeps track of every record that can be stored including transaction processing, sending reminders, sending invoices, etc.
You can easily find old data to settle disputes or understand user behavior etc.

Do I need a merchant account and payment gateway to start using Muvi Billing?

Yes, you need a merchant account for your businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards or bank transfers. Payment gateways are responsible for processing transactions and distributing funds into your merchant bank account. So, yes you definitely need a Payment Gateway to start using Muvi Billing.

Can I bill my customers more than once a month?

No, you can not bill customers more than once a month with Muvi Billing.

I have multiple businesses. Can I track billing data from one dashboard?

Yes, Muvi Billing will show you all your transaction details in one place in its transaction module.

Does Muvi Billing support Multi-Currency?

We support all the popular currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, INR, SGD, AED, and many others. If there is a currency you are looking for that is not available, drop us an email and we will be sure to support it.

What happens if a transaction fails?

If payment fails for subscription payments, then Muvi Billing will block the subscription service and will try to collect the pending amount 3 times in a span of 7 days. If the payment still fails Muvi Billing will cancel the Subscription Service. For one-time payments, Muvi Billing will not authorize the transaction if the payment fails.
You can also change the settings on how you want to handle failed transactions.

I am using a different billing service. Can I migrate to Muvi Billing?

Yes, you can seamlessly migrate to Muvi Billing from any other Billing service using our easy-to-use migration feature else you can raise a support ticket with us to migrate your users and payment details in one go.

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