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Joint Strategies by TELCO-OTT Partnership 17 August 2022

The collaboration between the streaming platform and telecom companies is at a turning point. The ready infrastructure from telecom providers such as networks, data, data centers, CRM, Billing systems, customer support, and more, can be leveraged to provide a great experience to the end customers around the content offered by OTT platforms. A great example …

Hybrid Recommendation System – A Beginner’s Guide 17 May 2022

Recommendation systems have become widely popular and created an established reputation in the past few years by delivering a personalized experience to the consumers. A Software that has gained maximum attention because of its variety of applications for recommending products or services to the users. What is a Hybrid Recommendation System? A hybrid recommendation system …

Must-know VOD Stats for Streaming Professionals in 2022 24 March 2022

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