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Case Study: Fort Smith International Film Festival uses Muvi Playout for a successful exhibition! 21 December 2022

The Fort Smith International Film Festival is conducted with the goal to build a vibrant film culture in the region. This was the second edition of the Fort Smith International Film Festival and was held between Aug. 26-27 2022 at Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.  This year, FortSmith changed the format of the event and was …

How Sports Streaming is Shaping Up in the Future – A Median Outlook 20 December 2022

  Sports consumption has a very wider audience base. End-users can view a wide range of sporting events from any corner of the world.  Streaming of Sports has increasingly become a preferred channel for watching live sports, particularly for younger fans. Live streaming has made sports broadcasters seek further monetization of their rights and chase …

Joint Strategies by TELCO-OTT Partnership 17 August 2022

The collaboration between the streaming platform and telecom companies is at a turning point. The ready infrastructure from telecom providers such as networks, data, data centers, CRM, Billing systems, customer support, and more, can be leveraged to provide a great experience to the end customers around the content offered by OTT platforms. A great example …

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