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Embed & Play Videos from sites like YouTube & Vimeo

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Have to ever wanted to add 3rd party videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your website and found it difficult?

Muvi now allows you to do that for your video streaming platform. We have recently launched a feature that will allow you to add videos from any 3rd party platform be it YouTube, Vimeo or any other website to your Video Streaming Platform just at One Click!

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  • Embed Videos from YouTube
  • Embed Videos from Vimeo
  • Embed Videos from 3rd Party
  • Embed Videos from 3rd Party OVP's
  • Single library to manage all

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Embed Video from 3rd Party

The process of embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform/website to your website is no longer complicated. Muvi allows you to add 3rd party videos from any platform or website. Muvi CMS just requires the embedded link of the video to be added, and once you acquire the embed link, you can add it to Muvi CMS in the backend. It’s as Simple and Easy!


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Single Video Library

Managing video libraries, including those embedded from different platforms, has never been so easy. Muvi Library allows to manage all your videos at one central location. With various filter options, you can now manage your existing as well as 3rd party videos from a single Muvi CMS.

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Report and Analytics

Track the performance and traffic of your embedded videos with Muvi analytics and reporting system. Measure, analyse and track the success of your embed videos with data points such as average viewing time, avg bandwidth consumption, avg buffer time, avg user time, etc. with Muvi’s in-built Analytics & Reports tool.


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Integrate from any Online Video Platforms

Muvi offers integration of videos from 3rd Party Online Video Platforms to your website providing an end-to-end solution. Muvi supports .m3u8 files that are the standard output for all OVP's. In any case, if you are using any 3rd Party Online Video Platform, you can choose to integrate that with Muvi and still continue using that platform for Video Processing.

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Embed 3rd Party Trailers

Muvi offers embedding of 3rd party video Trailers from sites like YouTube, Vimeo or any other service to your platform. With a simple copy & paste method, you can have numerous 3rd party trailers to your platform.

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