Footer Management

Edit and Customize Website Footer across all Formats

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Build on Muvi and manage the footer section of your website directly from the CMS. You can customize the way it looks as well as include custom content on the site. Not just the website, footer management is available as an option on TV and mobile apps as well.

Creating and editing the footer would otherwise take HTML coding, but on Muvi all you need is a few mouse clicks.

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  • Customize Website Footer
  • Add Links
  • Customize App Footer

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Customize Website Footer


Customize your website footer in terms of design as well as content to suit the requirement of your platform. The footer note might not appear to be as paramount as the body of the page, but surely is a means of providing more insights and trivia regarding your service.

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Add Links


You can add custom links to relevant landing pages that you think would drive better traffic on your site, increase login period, and disseminate relevant information to your users.

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Customize App Footer


Besides on desktop site, Muvi allows custom footer for TV and mobile apps too. So, as a platform owner, you can customize the footer section of your streaming platform on Android and iOS apps, as well as on television apps.

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