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Let users share your video and audio content as gifts

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Muvi’s Gifting feature enables users to purchase your online content as gifts for their loved ones. With the gifting feature, users can purchase gifts in multiple currencies and pay for them using more than 25+ payment gateways. You can also enable end-users to purchase and redeem gift vouchers. The gift balance can then be used by both registered users and guests to purchase both subscriptions and PPVs on the store.

As soon as the Gifting feature is enabled, end-users would be able to buy, send, and redeem online content and vouchers as gifts. On making a successful purchase, a gift code would be shared with the buyer's email address. The gift code can be redeemed to get free access to the purchased content.

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  • Manage Gifting for Your Website or App

  • Gift to Registered Users and Guests
  • Instant Notifications on Every Purchase
  • Real Time Analytics to Track Performance

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Manage Gifting for Your Website or App


The Gifting feature allows you to enable or disable the gifting feature in your online store. Once enabled, the feature gives you control over bundling content for gifting along with setting gift prices and payment currencies. With Gifting Management, you can bundle content according to the needs of users and assign customized prices.

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Gift to Registered Users and Guests


With Gifting, your users can buy and add online content, vouchers and store cash as gifts for their loved ones which can be redeemed by both registered users and guests. For redeeming a gift code the user doesn’t have to be registered on your website or app and can have access to the gifted content as a guest.

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Instant Notifications on Every Purchase


With Muvi, your users get notified instantly on every gift and voucher purchase via your website or app. On successful purchase of every gift, an email with the Gift code would be sent to the user’s email address whereas the store owner receives a notification of the purchase.

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Real-Time Analytics to Track Performance


Track real-time engagement and find out more about your users. Customize your store contents by analyzing reports on gift purchases and determine which contents are preferred by your users.

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