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Enable Self-Help and Troubleshooting Tools for Users

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"Help Center" is a great way to enable users with some quick and easy self-help and troubleshooting tools. You can solve their basic queries regarding various matters related to your platform. Help center allows you to display FAQs about your platform to your users, you can create new entries, edit old entries as well as reorder them as per your preference.


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  • Provide Self-Help
  • Lower Support Load
  • Empower Users
  • Answer Standard Questions
  • Display Popular Information

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Enable FAQs


You can go to the “Marketplace” section on the Muvi platform and enable help center on your platform. It allows you to create and display a list of popular FAQs for your platform.

These questions can be anything, from technical to commercial. Help center allows you to lower the workload of your support team by populating a list of most asked questions about your platform and displaying the same to your users in a Q & A format.

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Manage FAQs


Help Center enables platform owners to easily manage the existing questions as well as add new questions. You can edit questions, delete old questions, reorder, modify response, etc. from the admin panel itself.


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