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Consolidate all Pictorial Assetson your Streaming Platform

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If you run a video or audio streaming service, you don’t necessarily have to deal with video or audio files alone. There would be a fair number of images associated with each of your content in the form of posters, video stills, wallpapers, banners, static thumbnail images, metadata images, Ad images, etc. A good way to manage each of those images is to have a library of all pictorial assets at one place.

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  • Consolidated Image Library
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Search and Filter

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Consolidated Image Library


Get all the images in your streaming site, mobile and TV apps, metadata, etc. at one place. On the Muvi platform, you can consolidate all image assets in a searchable and indexable image library.

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Search and Filter


With Muvi build a well-arranged and ordered image library where you can easily filter and search relevant image files that you desire to retrieve.

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Multiple Format Support


On the Muvi platform images files of any format such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, vector, etc. can be supported.

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