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Muvi Playout

Create and Manage Multiple Live TV Channels

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Imagine being the owner of a LIVE TV CHANNEL on an OTT Platform and broadcasting it across Web, Mobile and TVs to millions of viewers instantly.

With the help of Muvi Playout, you can launch and run your very own LIVE TV Channel and distribute it digitally across your own branded platforms like Website, Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) and Smart TV Apps (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV) instantly!

Muvi Playout features a 24x7 scheduler and all you have to do is to select the video you want to schedule, choose time slot and hit the button. So, go ahead and schedule your on-demand videos to be played on a specific time and create 24x7 program schedule for your Channel just like a regular Linear TV.

And yeah, get an automated TV Guide as well for your viewers displayed on the web, mobile and TV apps!

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  • Create and Manage Live TV Channels
  • Launch Multiple LIVE TV Channels
  • Schedule programs 24*7
  • Easy to Repeat
  • Timezone Manager
  • TV Guide

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Create LIVE TV Channels

Muvi Playout allows you to easily add, schedule and manage your Live TV Channels from your on-demand Content. Simply drag and drop your on-demand videos on any date/time slot in the scheduler for it to be scheduled. Click on “repeat” and specify a video’s re-run frequency across weekdays and weekends. Create your 24x7 daily, weekly, monthly schedules in minutes!

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TV Guide

Muvi Playout creates an easy and automated TV Guide for your viewers to follow their favourite programs and see what’s coming up in the next few hours, days or weeks. Viewers will be easily able to find appropriate schedule of their favourite videos, optimize watching time, look at video details like poster, title and meta-data and setup reminders for their favourite shows!

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Slick User Interface

Muvi Playout has a beautiful and slick interface that helps your viewers find their favourite content, browse through different Channels and look for information from different programs, all while watching their favourite movies. Or they can just scroll around, and blast the player into full screen if they find something fancy while scrolling.

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Import Industry XML

Muvi Playout allows you to import your video metadata in bulk by enabling an import of industry XML in video channels, so that you’re able to index your videos and gain maximum exposure.

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Report and Analytics

You can track the performance of your scheduled Live channel by looking at the analytics of your videos, sorted through demographics, and view ratings received in order to discover who is watching a particular show at what time! Muvi tracks over 200+ parameters from average duration time to buffer time and provides you the most detailed information so that you are able to make business critical decisions that will rake in more revenues for your video streaming platform.

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