Curate your favs at one place!

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Playlists are and have always been a great way to curate and share one's favorites with others, and now Muvi brings this functionality to your OTT Platform.

You can custom create playlists with your favorite video and audio tracks and share them with your users. You can create multiple playlists and add unlimited tracks to each one.

Not just you, Muvi enables your users to create custom playlists for themselves.

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  • Create Custom Playlists
  • Add Single / Multiple Content
  • Supports Video / Audio Platforms
  • Enables User Playlists

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Create Playlists

Platform owners can custom create playlists and add it in the "Feature section" on their website. Playlists can also be added as a part of "Category" on any section of the website or app, and this allows better discoverability of the same. The process to add playlists is very simple - just pick a name, image, start adding content to it, and you are ready to go!

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Video or Audio Playlists

Playlists can be created either for Video or Audio. This means if you are running a hybrid or a standalone platform, you can create playlists easily.

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User Playlists

Your platform users can custom create their own playlists too. An end user can browse through your content library and pick the content they like and add to their playlists. This improves usability as they do not have to navigate away to multiple places to enjoy their favorite content!

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"Add to Queue" is another nifty feature that enhances user engagement. Every time a user finds a content they want to watch or listen to, they can simply enqueue and play it on its turn. That way they do not have to disrupt their current playback. This allows end users to take control of their viewing or listening pattern.

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