Product Personalization

Enable visual personalization of products in your catalog

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Building your e-store on Muvi Kart has more perks than you can think of. On Muvi Kart, you can enable visual personalization of your physical products at the user end. Your users will have the option to customize the look and feel of their preferred products such as wall clocks, photo frames, pullovers, pens, etc. in their desired way. End users can add/modify the visual attributes such as text, images, color, etc. to the product and then place the order.

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  • Custom Text Addition
  • Custom Image Addition
  • Color Customizations
  • Support for Multiple Products

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Add Custom Text


End users can add text content of their choice to have personalized wish messages included in the products that they want to purchase. The platform can be designed to prompt a “product personalization” option before order check out when the user can come up with messages, famous dialogues, catchphrases, quotes, etc. and customize their product.

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Add Custom Images


Not just text, products can also be customized with preferred images in specified pixel size. End users can add images carrying favorite pictures and portraits of loved ones or self to products and give a personal touch to it.

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Color Customizations


Besides being able to pick and choose a product in different color variants, users can choose the color for your custom text/image as well. They can also apply filters or word art to the custom content such as sketch, mono, black & white, shadow, reflection, etc.

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Support for Multiple Products


You can enable customization for multiple products from different categories in your product catalog. From coffee mugs to guitars, from tank tops to t-shirts, from kerchiefs to hats, customization can be enabled for all products. However, as the platform owner, you reserve the right to allow this option on select SKUs or on the entire range of products, depending on operational convenience.

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