Media and Entertainment Companies

Digital Asset Management for Media and Entertainment Brands

Media and entertainment companies can partner with Muvi Flex for Digital Asset Management (DAM). Muvi Flex gives you the ability to manage all your digital content, securely, in one place.

Media companies, especially large media companies, and entertainment brands need to handle digital media assets in multiple formats. The data types range from video, audio to images. Therefore, these organizations need a Digital Asset Management capability with large storage, easy content accessibility, and no compromise in data security.

With Muvi Flex as your DAM partner, you can not only store and manage your digital assets but also distribute them to your users and assess their performance. You can easily upload, store, download, and share assets from the most advanced CMS. Sharing assets with your partners or end-users in traditional ways such as ZIP files, email transfers, and unsecured file transfer protocols are long gone. Thanks to Muvi Flex, you can simply embed the content into your website and apps and have complete control over them.



  • Store Unlimited Content with Custom Storage
  • Keep Your Content Secure
  • Publish Content on Social Media Directly
  • Access and Manage Your Content Easily

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Store Unlimited Content with Custom Storage

Companies dealing with digital assets need to store content without any limits. That’s where Muvi Flex comes into play. Muvi Flex lets you add unlimited content. In addition, you may select the plan based on your storage requirements. Not to miss, you can allow many concurrent users, starting from 2000 to unlimited.

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detailed analytics for OTT platform


Keep Your Content Secure

Muvi Flex is equipped with multiple enterprise-grade security features to protect your data from hackers looking to steal your data to pirates wanting to leak your video and audio content and disrupt your platforms. But, when it comes to the security of your data, Muvi Flex has got you covered. Muvi Flex’s security infrastructure comprises data encryption, SSL certification, multi-level firewall, server-level security, DRM, etc.

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Publish Content on Social Media Directly

At times, you may want to share your content with the end-users where they are spending their most time—Social media. Well, Muvi Flex eliminates the hurdles of downloading the content and uploading it to social media platforms. With Muvi Flex, you can publish your content on social media platforms directly from the CMS portal. You will also get detailed reports on the performance of your content on social media platforms.

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 Video analytics and Bandwidth Stats


Access and Manage Your Content Easily

As companies dealing with large digital assets, accessing and managing your content is crucial. Even if you want to share or display the content on your website, you can simply embed it. As your video contents are encoded and transcoded, your end-users will be able to stream them at a quality based on their network connection and speed with the help of Muvi Flex’s adaptive bitrate streaming.

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