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How to Add Player Logo

Changing Logo Position



You can add “Logo” to your video player. Your subscribers/viewers can see the logo on the video player when they watch any video content on your online video platform. You can also change the position of the logo as per your desire. 


  • Click on “Player” in your CMS. Then, in the player page, select the check box "Show logo on the player"
  • Click on "Upload Player Logo".
  • To upload the image from your computer, click on "Upload File"
  • Or you can select the image from the Image Library.
  • After selecting the image, resize it. Then, click on "Save"
  • Play a video on your website. You will see the logo on the bottom right corner of the player.

 Please watch the following video on how to add player logo.



Changing Logo Position

By default the logo appears on the bottom right corner of the player. As per your preference you can change the position of the logo.

  • Click on "Player" in your CMS
  • Select the position from the drop-down
  • The logo will appear on the selected position of the player when users play any content


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