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Adding SSL Certificate to Your Domain/Website




SSL (Secured Socket Layer) is essential for protecting your website. It provides data integrity, critical security and privacy for both your users' personal information and your websites. With having a recognized secure website, you can gain the trust of your users. Moreover, if you are accepting credit cards, then it's to your benefit to have a SSL certificate for your website.

How to Obtain SSL Certificate

  • At Muvi, we purchase and integrate SSL certificate for one domain at no extra cost (as this is included in the platform price).
  • It takes around 1-2  days’ time to integrate SSL certificate to your website. 
  • During that time (1-2 days), your website will not be secured by SSL.

However, if you will change your domain name or you have multiple domains, then you will need new SSL certificates for this. Either you can request Muvi to purchase the SSL certificate for you and install it or you can purchase the SSL certificate yourself and send the details to us (You need to share the "Key File" along with the certificate). We will integrate it to your website. 



  • When you are purchasing the certificate, make sure that it is only for  Apache Server.  
  • Please add a support ticket to integrate SSL certificate for multiple domains or for the changed domain.