Changing Poster Size



We have predefined poster size for All Content, Content Category, TV Apps, Top Banner of content as well as for all items in Physical Goods store. However, as per your requirement you can change the dimension of the poster for all your Content, Content Category, TV Apps, Top Banner and for all items in the Physical Goods store.


How to Change Poster Size

  • To change the poster size, go to “Manage Content-->Settings” in your CMS.
  • In the Settings page under “Poster Type”, there are  6 options available; Horizontal (For Multi-Part Child Content), Vertical (For Single Part, Multi-Part Parent and Live Streaming Content) Physical Goods, Category Poster, TV Apps Poster and Top Banner.
  • Mention the poster dimension for all these 6 types as per your requirement and click on “Save”.

Note: When you change the poster size, the existing posters will not  be resized automatically.  So, if you have already uploaded posters for your content, then after changing the poster size, you will need to upload the posters again to match the new size. 


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