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Adding New Static Page

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Add new pages to your website by using the “Static Pages” feature. You can create additional pages like, “About Us”, “Terms & Privacy Policy”, “Our Team” etc. You can also easily manage your pages. For instance, you can edit, view or delete the pages you have created and you can change the order of the pages to make them appear in a specific order on your website. As per your requirement, you can also add any external link to your website. 


Adding New Static Page

  • To create new static page, go to “Website-->Static Pages” in your CMS
  • On the “Static Pages” page click on “Add New Page” to create a new web page. 
  • When You click on “Add New Page” a page will open.
  • Type the name of the page in the “Page Name” field.
  • Type the content for the new page in the “Content” box.
  • Here you can also add image (you can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images. However, if you are uploading. svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format)
  • Change font style, color, add/insert hyperlinks etc. 
  • Finally, click on “Save Page” to save and update the page.

Note: After creating the new page you can add it to the Footer Menu or to the Main Menu of your website/app.



Preview Page

After creating the static page, you can preview it. 

Under "Action" click on "View". The page will open in your browser. 



Edit Page

You can edit the static page whenever it is required. 

Under "Action" click on "Edit". Make necessary changes to the page and click on "Save Page".



Delete Page

You can delete any static page that you have already created. 

Under "Action" click on "Remove". When asked for confirmation, click on "Yes". The specific page will be deleted.



How to Re-order the Pages

As per your requirement you can change the order of the static pages. You just need to drag and drop the pages to arrange them in a specific order.



If you have created a webpage somewhere, you can also link that page here instead of creating a new one. Select the check box for “External Link” and then type the name of the link and URL of the page in the “Page Link” field and click on “Save Page”.

Note:  You can add the external link to the Footer Menu or to the Main Menu of your website/app.


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