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How to Download Video/Audio Files from the CMS



When you upload any video/audio to the CMS, it is stored in the video/audio library. After uploading the video/audio, you can map it to the corresponding video/audio content. The video/audio in the library stored in their original format (i.e. .avi, .wmv, .mov, .mpeg, .wav, .acc, .aiff, .m4a, ). During the process of encoding, the video files are converted to .mp4 format and audio files are converted to .mp3 format. If it is required, you can download the video/audio files from the library in their original format.


Downloading Video/Audio Files from the CMS

To download the videos, form the "Video Library" or audios from the "Audio Library" in the CMS, you need to add a support ticket. We will send you the detail instructions to download the video/audio files at your end.

At present, there is no option available in the CMS to download the videos from the video/audio library . In the near future, we will provide option in the CMS to download video/audio files from the video/audio library.


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