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With our Email Triggers feature, you can send email notifications to your subscribers based on their various actions. You can send emails on “Welcome on Registration ", “Pay Per View Purchase”, “Payment Failure” etc. by setting up automated emails.  This feature will be activated only after setting up the Payment Gateway, Subscription plansand PPV plan. You can enable/disable email triggers according to your desire. You can also customize any email trigger as per your requirement by using the email editor or through HTML codes. You can also select/deselect the option to send receipt attachment via email. 


Enable/Disable Email Triggers

You can enable/disable any email triggers as per your desire. By default, all the email triggers are selected. You need to deselect the email triggers for which you don't want to send emails to your users. Once you deselect the email trigger, it will not appear in the email trigger drop-down and your users will not receive any email when that specific action is triggered. For example, if you will deselect the "Welcome on Registration" email trigger, then your users will not receive any welcome email when they register to your store. 

  • To deselect an email trigger, go to "Marketing" --> "Manage Email Triggers" in the CMS.
  • You will see different groups of email triggers including "General Email Triggers", "Monetization Email Triggers", "Pay Per View" etc. Under each group, there are different email triggers for different actions.  Deselect any email trigger from the list. You can also deselect multiple email triggers. 
  • Click on "Save". The email trigger will not appear in the Email Trigger drop-down and your users will not receive any email related to that email trigger. 



Customizing Email Triggers

As per your requirement you can customize any email trigger. You can modify the email content, format the text, upload image and/or insert link to any trigger email by using the email editor. You can also change the entire formatting of the email trigger through HTML code.  

  • To customize Email Trigger using email editor, go to “Marketing-->Email Triggers” in your CMS
  • Select any email trigger from the drop-down (For example, “Welcome on Registration”)
  • Modify the email text (if required). Then select different options available in the email editor to customize your email text. For example, you can make the text bold, italic or change the paragraph style, add bullet points etc. You can also translate the content in multiple languages. To know how to translate the content, please Click Here
  • To insert an image, click on the Insert/Edit Image Type the image source link, type image description, define height and width of the image and click on “Ok
  • To insert a link, click on the Insert/Edit Link Type the link URL, type the text to display, type the title, select target option and click on “Ok
  • After editing the email finally click on “Save”.



  • To edit the Email Trigger using HTML editor, click on the “Source Code” icon.
  • Make the necessary changes in the HTML code and click on “Ok
  • Finally, click on “Save” to save the changes you have made to the email trigger




N.B. - Please DO NOT change the system variable names during creation of the email. Please refer the below screenshot for all system variables.



Enable/Disable Receipt Attachment

When your end users make a transaction (e:g Purchase Subscription, Renew Subscription, Purchase PPV Content etc.), a money receipt is send to them as an attachment with the email. This option is selected by default. If you don't want to send receipt to your users, you can disable this option. 

  • To disable receipt attachment, go to "Marketing" --> "Email Triggers" in your CMS
  • Select the action from the email trigger list (i.e. Subscription - Purchase Subscription, Subscription-Recurring Billing, Pay Per View Purchase)
  • Deselect the check box for "Attach Corresponding Receipt"
  • Click on "Save"

The attachment option for that particular action will be disabled. When users receive email they will not get the money receipt as attachment. 


  • Receipt attachment option is only available for monetary transaction related triggers.
  • If you have enabled multiple languages for your store, then you need to select the checkbox "Attach corresponding receipt" for each language selected from the drop-down. e.g. If you select French language from the language drop-down, then the checkbox "Attach corresponding receipt" will be deselected by default. You need to select it if you want to send the receipt attachment to your users. 


 Testing Email Trigggers

You can test any email trigger by sending test emails to your email address. Simply click on "Send Test Email". The test email will be sent to the account admin's email address. 

Note: Even if you have mentioned a different email address in the "End User Action" field under "Email Notifications", the admin will still receive the test email. It will not be diverted to other email addresses mentioned in the "End User Action" field. 



Type of Email Triggers

  • Welcome on Registration

When a user registers on your website, he/she gets a “Welcome on Registration” email. (This is for two step process. When a user registers first and then purchases the subscription)

  • Free User

When a free user is added by you to access your content, an email is sent to him/her with his/her login credentials.

  • Contact Us

When your users fill up the "Contact Us" form in your website, they will receive a thank you email for contacting you. 

  • Payment Failed

User gets a payment failure email notification whenever a transaction fails due to any reason, like insufficient balance, timeout etc. This is specifically happens in case of one time payment like PPV.

  • Subscription - Registration & Purchase Subscription

When a user registers and purchases the subscription at the same time he/she gets email notification. (This is for one step process. When a user registers and then purchases the subscription at once)

  • Subscription - Purchase subscription

A registered user gets an email notification, when he/she purchases a subscription.

  • Subscription - Cancel subscription by user

A user will get this email notification, when he/she cancels the subscription.

  • Subscription - Cancel subscription by admin

When admin cancels any user’s account, he/she gets an email notification that his/her account has been cancelled.

  • Subscription - Reactive subscription

After cancelling his/her subscription, a user can reactivate it whenever he/she wants. When a user reactivates his/her subscription, he/she gets an  email notification regarding this.

  • Subscription - Recurring Billing

When a user is charged for his/her periodic subscription (Monthly, Quarterly or Half-Yearly subscription), he/she gets an email notification regarding this.

  • Subscription - Failure to pay

An email notification goes to the user who fails to pay for his/her periodic subscription (Monthly, Quarterly or Half-Yearly subscription).

  • Subscription – 1st reminder for card failure

When the system failed to charge user’s credit card for subscription for the first time, the user receives an email regarding this.

  • Subscription – 2nd reminder for card failure

The user gets a second and final reminder email regarding card failure when the system failed to charge his/her card for the second time.

  • Subscription - Cancellation for card failure

A user gets this email notification that his/her subscription will be cancelled when the system unable to charge his/her credit card for the periodic subscription.

  • Pay Per View purchase

When a user purchases PPV (Pay Per View) content, he/she gets email notification regarding this.

  • Advance purchase

Email notification goes to the user when he/she makes any advance purchase of content.

  • Advance Purchase – Content is available

When the content for advance purchase is available for viewing, the user gets an email notification regarding this.

  • Muvi Kart – After order is placed

When a user purchases any item on Muvi Kart, he/she gets an email that his/her order is placed successfully and gets the details about the purchase.

  • Muvi Kart – After Order is Cancelled

A user receives an email that his/her order has been cancelled, when he/she cancels his/her order in Muvi Kart.

  • Muvi Kart – After order is out for shipping

When you ship the order to a user, he/she gets an email that his/her order has been shipped.

  • Announcement

All users will get email when you make any announcement or send any marketing emails. Please see below for more information.


Translating Email Triggers

You can send email triggers in multiple languages to your users. To know how to translate email triggers in multiple languages Click Here



Sending Email Notification to All Users

Sometimes you want to send marketing emails or announcements to all your users. You can do this by selecting the option “Announcement” from the drop down list. (See Below Screenshot) Unlike Email Triggers, it will not automatically send notifications to the users on the event of a particular action. You can send emails as per your wish and you can also customize the Subject of the Email and Content of the email. After composing the email click on “Send” to send the email to all your users.

Note: You can only send one announcement email in a week from your CMS (e:g If a you sent an announcement on Thursday (9th August 2018), you can send a new announcement next Monday (13th August 2018) and then again on Monday (20th August 2018). If you wish to send more than one announcement emails per week, you need to add a support ticket. 



Opt-Out Option & Restriction on Announcements

There are some users who don't like to receive frequent announcement emails from you. In that case, they can opt-out to receive such emails. When a user selects the opt-out option, he/she will not receive any email from you for a certain period of time. (For example, 1 week, 1 month etc.) as the CMS will not allow you to send announcement emails to that specific user for a certain period of time.

When you send any announcement email, the users will receive an email with opt-out option. (See Below Screenshot)



When the user choose not to receive any email from you, then he/she will get a confirmation. (See Below Screenshot)



If you try to send any announcement email to the user who has already selected the opt-out option, then you will get a warning message. (See Below Screenshot)



Note: If you wish to increase the frequency to send announcement emails to your users, then you need to add a support ticket.




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