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Filtering Options in Video Library




Sometimes it is quite difficult to find particular video/videos from your Video Library. (Especially, if you have uploaded large number of videos). Luckily, there are various filtering options available in your Muvi CMS, through which you can easily filter specific video/videos.


Available Filtering Options

Go to "Manage Content" --> "Video Library" in your CMS. There are 5 filtering options available to filter the videos in your Video Library.

  1. Search
  2. Video Duration
  3. File Size
  4. Mapped to Content
  5. Upload In


Besides all these filtering options, you can also find a particular video by hovering your mouse button on it. When you hover mouse button on a video thumbnail, the thumbnail will scroll through other available screen grabs from the video. You can easily identify the video you are looking for. 






Through the “Search” option you can directly type the name of the videos on the search bar and find them.



    2.Video Duration

Through the “Video Duration” filter option, you can filter the videos according to their duration of play. (For example, you can search videos those are less than 5 minutes, less than 10 minutes and so on)



    3.File Size

You can filter out the videos by their file size. Under “File Size” select the videos according to their size. (For instance, you can select videos those are less than 100 MB, less than 1 GB etc.)



    4.Mapped to Content

There is another filter option named “Mapped to Content” through which you can filter out your videos those which are mapped to content or not. If the videos are mapped to content, then select “Yes” and for those which are not mapped to content select “No”.



    5.Uploaded In

You can also filter  your videos in the time frame in which they were uploaded. Select the time frame under “Uploaded In”.  (For example, you can filter the videos which were uploaded this week, this month and so on)



Note: You can also combine multiple filter options at a time to find particular video/videos. For instance, you can combine the filter "Video Duration" and "File Size" to find certain videos under that category etc.


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