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How Does Muvi Prepare Your Android TV App



How We Prepare Your Android TV App

Testing Your Android TV App

Publishing Your Android TV App in Play Store

App Maintenance



Muvi offers fully-featured, white-labeled Android TV App. The Android TV App has features like user registration, login, search, filter, etc.  We support Android TV App based on Android from 5.1 to 9.0 OS version.


How We Prepare Your Android TV App

  • First, you need to purchase the App. You can do it so from the CMS. (Go to "Billing" --> "Muvi Subscription" in the CMS and select the app under "Application". Then, proceed to "Checkout”.) If you have already purchased the App, then you can skip this step.
  • After purchasing the app, you need to enable it (Go to "Settings" -->"Advanced" in the CMS. select the checkbox for the Android TV App and then click on "Update").
  • It takes us one day to build the App by using our default template. (If you want any customization then it may take longer time to develop the App)
  • After the App is built, we will send it to you for testing
  • Finally, after getting your approval, we will publish the App in Google Play Store

To develop your Android TV App, you need to provide us necessary information through the CMS. Please go to “Mobile & TV Apps --> Android TV App” -->"Publish to App Store" in your CMS.

In the “Android TV App” page, please provide the detail information related to your App. (See Below Screenshot)

Note: Once you will save the information in the app publishing form, you cannot edit certain fields (App NameWebsitePrivacy URLCatagory, etc.), in the form later.

  • Type the name of your app in the “App Name” field
  • In the “Short Description” field, briefly describe about your App
  • Describe about your App in detail in the “Description” field
  • Click on “Upload App  Launch Icon (For Parallax Effect)” to upload an icon for your App (App Icon is a small image that represents your App in the App store and after you install the App it shows your App on the device) (You can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images. However, if you are uploading. svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format) See below screenshot.



  • Click on “Upload Splash Screen” to upload a splash screen for your App (When you click on an App, Splash Screen is the image that appears before you see the main screen of the App) (You can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images. However, if you are uploading. svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format)



  • Upload a "Banner Screen". It is your App Icon with a background screen.(Choose a 1280x720 PNG file).  (See Below Screenshot)




  • Upload a "Transparent App Icon". (Choose a 512x512 PNG file).Transparent App Icon doesn't have any background color. But Normal App Icon has background color.



  • Upload an image for "Featured Graphic" (When you click on your App icon on Play Store, the image that displayed on the top of your App is Feature Graphic). (See Below Screenshot)



  • Select the “Distribution Demography” form the list. (You can select more than one by pressing your CTRL key)
  • Select “Language” from the drop-down list
  • Select the "Ratings" for the App from the drop-down list. 
  • Type your “Website” name in the corresponding field
  • Then type your “Email Address
  • Type your “Phone” number
  • Select the App “Category” from the drop-down list (Select the category under which your App will be displayed in the Google Play store)



All this information will be stored in our database and we will develop the Android TV App based on the information provided by you.

Testing Your Android TV App

1.We will upload the app for Beta testing from your Developer Account in the App Store.

2.Through beta testing, we will invite you to test the app.

3.Then we will publish the app in the app store from your Developer Account.

Publishing Your Android TV App in the Play Store

We will publish the App in the Google Play Store either by using our Developer’s ID or by using your Developer’s ID. If you use your Developer’s ID, then the App will show your company or brand name in the Play Store.

If you want to use your Android TV Developer’s ID, then create an Android TV Developer Account and update the Username and Password in the CMS.

  • Go to Mobile & TV Apps --> Android TV App -->Publish to App Store in your CMS
  • Select the check box “Use my Android TV Developers ID” and Type your “Android TV User ID” and “Password” and click on “Save”. (See Below Screenshot).



App Maintenance

Muvi maintains the Android TV App on an ongoing basis. It includes making updates and patches as required to support new app versions and Android TV devices.


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