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How We Prepare Your iOS App

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Muvi offers fully-featured, white-labelled, native iOS App. The iOS App has all the same features as the website – User Registration, Login, Search, Filter etc. We have standard template for Mobile App as we do for the website.

Select Template for Your iOS App

You can select template for your iOS App. Currently, we have only one template for iOS App. You can view the template in Manage Template page.

  • Go to “Mobile & TV Apps-->iOS App-->Template” in your CMS
  • Under “Manage Template” click on “Preview
  • You can see the preview of the template in another tab of your browser

template for iOS App

How We Prepare Your iOS App

  • First, you need to purchase the App. You can do it so from the CMS. (Go to "Billing" --> "Muvi Subscription" in the CMS and select the app under "Application". Then, proceed to "Checkout”.) If you have already purchased the App, then you can skip this step.
  • After purchasing the app, you need to enable it (Go to "Settings" -->"Advanced" in the CMS. select the checkbox for the iOS App (iPhone, iPad) and then click on "Update").
  • It takes us 1-2 days to build the App by using our default template and another 2-3 days to include in-app purchases as it needs manual setup. (If you want any customization then it may take longer time to develop the App)
  • After the App is built, we will send it to you for testing
  • Finally, after getting your approval, we will publish the App in the iTunes App Store
  • To develop your iOS App, you need to provide us necessary information through the CMS. Please go to “Mobile & TV Apps-->” IOS App”-->"Publish to App Store" in your CMS.
  • If you have already developed an Android App, then select the checkbox “Use the Information from Android App”. Your iOS App will be created by using the information based on the Android App. (See Below Screenshot).

If you want to build your iOS App with new or different information than your Android App, then provide all the necessary information for each field.

  • In the “App Name” field provide the name of your mobile App
  • In the “Description” field provide a complete description of your App
  • Click on “Upload App Icon” to upload an icon for your App (App Icon is a small image that represents your App in the App store and after you install the App it shows your App on the phone) (You can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and .svg images. However, if you are uploading .svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format)
  • Upload a “Splash Screen” image for your App. You need to upload a Portrait Splash Screen and Landscape Splash Screen (When you click on an App, Splash Screen is the image that appears before you see the main screen of the App)

iOS App Splash Screen


  • Upload a "Tutorial Screen" for your App. (The tutorial screen shows how the app works) (You can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images. However, if you are uploading. svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format)
  • Then upload a "Transparent App Icon" Transparent App Icon doesn't have any background color. But Normal App Icon has background color. (See Below Screenshot) You can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images. However, if you are uploading. svg images then you will not able the crop the image and few old browsers do not support this image format.


iOS App icon


  • In “Distribution Geography” section select countries from the drop-down list where you want to mete out your App (You can select multiple countries by pressing the CTRL key of your keyboard)
  • Select “Language” for your App from the drop-down list
  • Type your “Website” name in the corresponding field
  • Then type your “Email Address
  • Type your “Phone” number
  • Select the App “Category” from the drop-down list
  • Type a "Privacy Policy URL" for your App
  • Type your "Company Name"  (If the developer ID is getting used for first time, please mention Company, else write N/A)
  • Select the option "Yes" or "No" for "Does your app contain, display, or access third-party content?"
  • Select “Rating” from the drop-down list. To know, how to select rating for different content type Click Here
  • In the “Keywords” field type the keywords for your app. You can add multiple keywords separated by coma (,) (Keywords will make your App easily searchable in Google search)
  • Type your “Copyright” statement in the corresponding field. (Please Click Here to Download Sample Copyright Document)
  • Finally, click on “Save


developing iOS App with Muvi


All the information will be stored in our database and we will develop the iOS App based on the information provided by you. First, we will develop a Test App and send it to you for your review and approval. After getting your approval we will then publish the App in the iTunes App Store.

Note: After saving the information in the app publishing form, you cannot edit certain fields (App Name, Website, Privacy URL, Catagory, Company Name etc.), in the form.


If you wish to publish third-party content in your App (The content for which you don't have the ownership), then as per Apple's guidelines, you need to share a Copyright document of the content with Apple. The Copyright document will be an agreement between you and the original content owner. In this document, the content owner will give his/her consent to publish his/her content in your App. By sharing the Copyright document, you can avoid the rejection of your content/App in the iTunes App store. You can prepare a Copyright document by going through this sample document.


Publishing Your iOS App in iTunes App Store

We will publish the App in the App store either by using our Developer’s ID or by using your Developer’s ID. If you use your Developer’s ID, then the App will show your company or brand name as “By [Your Company or Brand Name]” in the app store. (See Below Screenshot)

Note: Apple will take around 1-2 days time to review the app before publishing it in the iTunes App store. Review times may be further delayed if your submission is incomplete. For more information on this pleae click here.


publishing iOS App in iTunes App Store


If you want to use your iOS Developer’s ID, then please Click Here to create an iTunes Developer Account and update the Username and Password in the CMS.

  • Go to Mobile & TV Apps --> IOS App Select the check box “Use My iOS Developers ID”.
  • Type your “User Name” and “Password” and click on “Save”. (See Below Screenshot).

Note: iOS Developer ID is different than Apple ID. iOS Developer ID is used to publish an app in the iTunes App store whereas Apple ID is used only for personal purposes.


iOS App on iTunes App Store


iOS App Asking for Bluetooth Permission

The new iOS 13 and iPad OS come with a new feature, where they ask permission of the users to enable Bluetooth on their iOS device before installing any third-party app (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.). This feature allows your users to have greater control and get more information about the app they wish to install on their Apple device. Prior to this release, third-party apps also required to turn on the Bluetooth of the Apple devices for installation, but they didn't ask for permission. Now, your users can know which apps are asking for Bluetooth permission for installation and they can either grant or deny giving permission for this.


Supported Platforms

We support iOS version 10 and above.  Supported devices include, iPhone 6, 6S, 6S+, 7 and iPad  Air, Air2, Pro.


App Maintenance

Muvi maintains the iOS App on an ongoing basis. It includes making updates and patches as required to support new iOS versions and Apple devices.


View Number of App Downloads

You can view the number of iOS App downloads by logging in to your iTunes Connect account. Please follow the below mentioned steps to view number of app downloads.


How Muvi develops iOS App


  • Then, click on "Add Filters".
  • Click on "Content".
  • Type your content name in the search box
  • You will see the number of downloads per day/week/month/year as you select from the option. 
  • You can download the report in different format (CSV, XLS)


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