How to Add Muvi as an Admin in Apple Developer Account



How to Add Muvi to Your Apple Developer Account



By adding Muvi as an admin in your Apple Developer Account, you can allow Muvi to publish your iOS App in the iTunes App Store. Usually, Apple ID is required to login to Apple Developer account. However, it is not always necessary to provide Apple ID credentials. By adding Muvi’s developer ID to your Apple Developer Account, you can allow Muvi to publish your App in the Apple iTune app store.


How to Add Muvi to Your Apple Developer Account

Please follow the below mentioned steps to add Muvi as an Admin to your Apple Developer Account.

1.  Log in to iTunes Connect by providing valid Apple ID. (Your Apple Account must be a Business Account to give Admin access)

Note: If you have an individual account, then you will not be able to give admin access. So, to give admin access, you have to give your Apple Developer Account with two factor authentication code.

2. In the iTunes Connect Homepage, click on "Users and Roles".



3. Once you clicked on "Users and Roles", you will see the list of all the users. Click on the "+" icon to add a new user



4. In the "User Information" form please type, "First Name", "Last Name" and "Email" of the user. Then click on "Next". (If you are adding Muvi as an Admin, then you need to use "Muvi" as "First Name", "LLC" as "Last Name" and "" as "Email"). 

NoteThe email address will be the user’s Apple ID. This address must be valid to activate the account, the user will receive an email as a confirmation.



5. Under "Roles" tab, select the checkbox  "Admin" and click on "Next". 



6. Select the notification types assigned to this user territory, and click "Save".



7. Then a confirmation email will be sent to that mail Id. The new user need to confirm by clicking on the link in the email. 


8. Navigate to, and log in with your Apple Developer ID.


9. Click on the "People" tab  on the left hand side of the screen and then click on "Invite People" to send invitation to the new Admin.



10. Then Under "Invite as Admins" title enter the Apple ID of  the new Admin (i.e. and click on "Invite". This will invite Muvi to join as  an Admin.


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