Integrating WordPress to Muvi



If you have a WordPress website and you wish to integrate it with Muvi to stream video/audio, then there are different ways to do it. Muvi allows you to create your video/audio streaming platform which you can add it to your existing WordPress website or you can build a page in WordPress and get all the content (video/audio) by using Muvi’s API and display it on that specific page.


How to Integrate WordPress to Muvi

There are two methods available to integrate WordPress to Muvi.

1. Build your video/audio streaming website using Muvi and then add the website to your existing WordPress website by using a Tab/Link. When your users click on the Tab/Link they will be redirected to your video/audio streaming website. For example, if you already have a WordPress website "" then you can add the streaming website by using a Tab/Link which you have created using Muvi "". When the users visit the "" and they will click on the Tab/Link, they will be redirected to "".

2. Muvi provides APIs to get video/audio content from its server and display it on a WordPress website. If you have a WordPress website, you can create a page in the website where you wish to display the video/audio content. Create content using Muvi’s CMS and then get all the content using our API and display it on the content page of your WordPress website.


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