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What is Apple’s In-App Purchase

How Your Users Can Avoid In-App Purchase

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In your iOS app, the users have options to either register or buy PPV content through Apple’s In-App Purchase or they can register or buy PPV content through your website and then log in to your iOS app to watch the content. By opting for the later option you can avoid Apple's In-App Purchase to save money as Apple deducts 30% of the revenue if your users purchase the content(digital) using the In-App Purchase method. 


What is Apple’s In-App Purchase

 In-app purchases are extra content or subscriptions that you can buy in apps on your iOS devices. Apple Pay or any 3rd party payment gateways can be used to sell physical goods such as groceries, clothing, and appliances. Also Apple Pay can be used for purchasing services such as club memberships, hotel reservations, and tickets for events.

You are required to use Apple’s In-App Purchase to sell virtual goods such as premium content for your app and subscriptions for digital content. Specifically, Apple’s developer terms require that the In-App Purchase must be used for digital “content, functionality, or services” such as premium features or credits. When your users register or buy any  content through Apple’s In-App Purchase, Apple will deduct 30% of the payment made by your users and will give you the rest 70%.

Note: Once your app becomes a year old in the iTunes App Store with an in-app purchase option, Apple will reduce the revenue share percentage from 30% to 15%. 

How Your Users Can Avoid In-App Purchase

If you want your users to avoid Apple’s In-App Purchase method then, you can ask your users to register or buy any PPV content through your website. Later they can watch the content in your iOS app by simply logging in to your app. Here they don’t have to register or buy PPV content through Apple’s in-App purchase and you will get the full amount that users pay for the registration or for buying any PPV content. 

Note: However, you need take care of few things if you opt for the second option (i.e. Ask your users to register through your website and then login to iOS app to watch video). If you don’t follow these guidelines then Apple will not allow you to publish your iOS app in the iTunes store.

  • Please remove the account registration feature from the iOS app.
  • If your iOS app includes any fully-qualified links to your site that could indirectly provide access to account registration process, please be sure to also remove them.
  • Remove password retrieval links and any other fully qualified links that could indirectly provide access to these mechanisms, such as links to web pages for support, FAQ, product or program details, etc.

Many reputed companies are following this approach to avoid in-app purchase and save their money. Please check the below screenshot of "Audible". 



FAQs During the Review of Your iOS App

We have listed here some FAQs which are asked by Apple during the review of your iOS App. If you will give the response to Apple as we have mentioned for the FAQs, then your App will be successfully accepted by the review team without the implementation of In-App purchases. However, you have to disable the Registration option in the iOS App and only provide the SignIn option in the App.


  • Question: Does your app access any paid content or services?
    Answer: Yes, the app access paid content or services.

  • Question: What are the paid content or services, and what are the costs?
    Answer: We have different subscription plans having cost starting from $xxx to $xxx.

  • Question: Do individual customers pay for the content or services?
    Answer: Yes, individual customers pay for the content or services.

  • Question: Where do they pay, and what's the payment method?
    Answer: They pay through the website by using the credit card.

  • Question: If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?
    Answer: No, there are no fees involved to create an account. Only fees are involved to watch the content.

  • Question: How do users obtain an account?
    Answer: An user can obtain/create an account through the website.



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