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Resolving Email Delivery Failure Issue



There are various reasons for which you may not receive email notifications from Muvi. The most obvious reasons are, 1) Your Domain may not be verified, 2) Domain may not be white labelled or 3) Email scores are below average.


How to Resolve Email Delivery Issue

You need to take the following actions to resolve the email delivery issue.

  • Verify Your Domain
  • Whitelabel Your Domain
  • Verify Your Email Scores


  1. Verify Your Domain


It is essential to verify your domain to make sure that the domain you have added is valid and it is not expired. The user who added the domain has the necessary privileges to access the DNS and decide about the email service for the domain. It also helps you prevent any loss of service due to the misuse of domain names.

Below are the different links to verify your domain. You can select any of these links to verify your domain.


  1. Whitelabel Your Domain


Domain whitelabel allows recipient email servers and services to authenticate the identity of the email sender back to the domain that the sender controls. This gives a layer of email authentication that helps in email deliverability. A domain whitelabel comprises a domain and subdomain that will be used to set the proper Return-Path, SPF and DKIM.

For more information in this regard please check the below links.


  1. Verify Your Email Scores


  • Please go to the link
  • Send an email from your email address to randomly generated email address (For example, "" )
  • Once you send the email then go to the website ( and click on the button “THEN CHECK YOUR SCORE”.
  • It will give you the email score. If the score is below average, then there is chances that Muvi’s email will not get delivered to your email address.