Uploading Video is Slow



If you are experiencing slow in uploading videos in your store then try the below mentioned process:


  • First check your uploading speed by using this Link
  • During uploading, don't put anything in the descriptions; no tags, unmonetized, no thumbnail and just put one single letter on the title. Video should upload faster because it doesn't have any additional information to process.
  • Delete cookies, offline files of your browser. Always use an updated browser.
  • If you are uploading from your desktop, then you need to make sure the connection is uninterrupted. i.e. your computer is on and browser open the whole time (don't let it go to sleep). Don't even refresh the browser during uploading your video.
  • If you are still experiencing issues while uploading your videos, then you can try uploading videos via FTP.
  • While uploading videos via FTP, you don't need to watch you browser constantly to view uploading status as the uploading occurs in the background 


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