Verifying Google Webmaster Tools Account Using Google Analytics



An end user can verify the Google webmaster tools account. It is only, possible through the end-user's Google account, by using which the Google analytics code was created.


How to Verify Google Webmaster Tools Account

Please follow the below mentioned steps to verify Google Webmaster Tools Account using Google Analytics.

1.Sign into Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account (By using which you have created the Google Analytics Account).

2. Add Property (if it’s not added). Here, you can add website or Android App. If it’s already added then checkout the Search Console home page, click the property that you want. (See Below Screenshot)



3. If the property is newly added then, verification options will appear automatically. Else, Click Manage site > Verify this site next to the site you want.

4.Select the Alternate Methods. i.e. choose Google Analytics (Use your Google Analytics Account.(See Below Screenshot)



5.Finally, click VERIFY button to finish this verification process.


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