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VR (Virtual Reality) Videos



Mostly, VR or Virtual Reality videos are video generated content where viewers can immerse themselves in a virtual reality world. Through the rendition of 3D images, VR videos create an illusion of the user being part of the video. The viewing of such videos is not constrained to mobile device, computer or television screens and depending on the kind of content being watched or the video, the viewer can also interact with the video.

Uploading VR Videos

Muvi allows you to upload VR videos only in Side by Side (SBS) format. Remember that, our player will not convert any video to SBS format. You need to upload pre-formatted VR videos. Uploading process is similar as uploading normal videos.

Note: Currently, we do not support 360 VR videos. 


How Users Can Watch VR Videos

Users can watch VR videos on their mobile device (Mobile Phone, Tablet), through our player. For virtual reality experience, the viewer must have a virtual reality headset which can be tethered to a mobile device to view the content.


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