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Muvi Live helps you deliver the excitement of live e-sports to viewers across geographies.
The esports industry has grown exponentially, and to have a competitive edge. Esports streamers and gaming media platforms must deliver an impressive live streaming experience to their audience. To do so, you need a platform that is easy to set up and will allow the live streaming of e-sports content with low latency and no lags.

Muvi Live lets you launch your own esports live streaming platform You don’t have to be a technical wizard or hire a team of developers. Muvi Live lets you go live at the click of a button.


  • Stream From Any Type of Device
  • Monetize Your E-sports Live Streaming Platform
  • Live Stream E-sports on Social Media Platforms
  • Get Comments From the Audience
  • Real-time Analytics

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Stream from any type of device


Stream From Any Type of Device

Muvi Live helps every type of gamer to live stream e-sports with the audience. It also allows you to choose the nearest server for streaming in order to render lag-free content.

detailed analytics for OTT platform

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detailed analytics for OTT platform

Monetize your platform


Monetize Your E-sports Live Streaming Platform

Start generating revenue right from your first e-sports streaming, irrespective of the number of views and viewers. No revenue sharing and commission at all. You can charge your viewers based on either Subscription, Transactional, Pay per View (PPV), Electronic Sell-Thru (EST), Video Ad-Supported model, or a combination of all. You may also choose to accept multiple currencies based on the viewer base and restrict your viewers based on geographies.

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Integrate with social media


Live Stream E-sports on Social Media Platforms

With the seamless social media integration, let your audience be informed about the e-sports streams and increase your fan base. You can also choose to stream e-sports directly on your social media handles. After streaming, you will get valuable insights into the performance including the number of views, viewer geography, etc. With the data, you can better understand your viewers and optimize your content.

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 Video analytics and Bandwidth Stats

Get comments from the audience


Get Comments From the Audience

Keep your audience engaged by letting them comment in real-time while you stream e-sports. Also, get user feedback in the form of star or numbered-based ratings. Capture what your viewers think of your content and make changes based on the feedback.

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Real-time analytics


Real-time Analytics

With Muvi Live’s analytics and reports, you can track the performance of all your e-sports streams. Analyze the audience behavior such as user’s attention span, drop-off rates, devices used, buffering time, viewing habits of users, etc, and optimize your content. Get more insights into attendee engagement and evaluate the content quality by enabling live engagement tracking, real-time monitoring, and troubleshooting. Muvi Live also enables you to track the revenue generated from each monetization option you have chosen.

count user views on OTT platforms

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