Integrate with Third-party DRM

Provide an extra protection to your live stream



With Muvi Live’s multi-DRM, your live content is protected against any kind of breach of intellectual property rights, like screen capturing and illegal access. Aside from supporting multiple DRMs like Widevine, FairPlay, and Playready, you can integrate with third-party DRM to enhance user experience. Your audience can view your DRM-enabled live streaming in multiple browsers without any difficulty.


  • Support Third-party DRM
  • Compatible with DRM Providers
  • Protection From Digital Infringement

Support Third-party DRM

Support Third-party DRM

Apart from its multi-DRM, Muvi Live supports third-party DRM with the condition that third-party DRM needs to support live streaming as well. You can enhance the user experience as your audience can stream the DRM-enabled live content seamlessly, regardless of the devices and browsers.

Support Third-party DRM
Compatible with DRM Providers

Compatible with DRM Providers

Compatible with DRM Providers

Muvi Live’s multi-DRM protects from illegal access in any form ensuring content protection, unlike traditional DRM which protects through browser plugins by using a token. Muvi Live supports multiple DRM providers like FairPlay, Widevine, and Playready.

Protection From Digital Infringement

Protection From Digital Infringement

Third-party DRM integration makes your DRM-enabled live content available to view on multiple browsers and adds an extra layer of protection to your live stream against unauthorized access and illegal screen capturing.

Protection From Digital Infringement

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