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Marketing Service

SEO, SEM, Display, Affiliate or even offline!

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Be it Digital or Offline Marketing, Muvi can assist you in achieving your marketing goals in an effective and result oriented approach that helps you scale your targets

Muvi's Marketing Services bringing brands and customers closer together through actionable consumer insights, data quality and cross-channel marketing programs.

We ensure our customers success while protecting their marketing budgets and utilizing them in an optimized manner that drives results.

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  • Full Marketing Services
  • Digital, Social and Offline
  • ROI and Target Driven

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Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, 显示, 联盟, 电子邮件, 社会媒体, 内容营销, 得到一个完整的数字营销战略和执行一个团队在一个屋檐下。Muvi 提供整个套件和服务与数字营销棍棒, 并支持与分析和洞察力从业界最好的给你。您可以选择根据您的要求和目标选择任何一个、多个或整套的数字营销服务, 看看我们如何与您的业务目标进行扩展!

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Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing Channels are equally as important as digital, and hence at Muvi you get an opportunity to explore and expand the horizons with our offline marketing services as well. Be it Print, Outdoor & OOH, TV or Radio, Muvi can help you plan and execute your offline marketing strategy effectively.

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Analytics & Insights

没有分析和洞察力的市场营销就像一架被蒙住眼睛的喷气机一样好, 这就是为什么 Muvi 提供了一个整体分析和客户洞察力, 作为对您现有的服务以及与 Muvi 的营销服务并行。及时了解您的营销 $ 是如何花费和回报, 它是驱动您的平台, 以及分析客户的趋势, 行为和与您的市场活动和平台的互动。Muvi 采取微观的方法来报告, 确保您得到及时和可操作的信息, 帮助您作出业务关键决策。

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