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Muvi Marketplace consists a wide range of add-ons & modules that provided by Muvi as well as 3rd parties that will help enhance the overall offering on your platform. Every Muvi customer has different requirements, that’s why these modules are not turned on by default but can be done manually as per the customer’s preference. Some of them will be free and some can be paid as well.

These modules being subjective may not be required by all our clients, that’s why we provide some as a Default Features to our platform and rest are charged as per required customizations.

Have a look at some of our offerings as under -

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  • Add-ons to enhance your platform
  • Free & Paid Add-ons
  • Developed by Muvi or 3rd parties
  • Instant Activation
  • No Technical Hassles

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A unique add-on that works just like an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to help you to launch your very on 24x7 OTT TV Channel! With Muvi Playout, anyone can be an owner of a LIVE TV Channel on an OTT Platform that can be broadcasted across the world. Muvi Playout helps in creating an easy and automated TV Guide for your viewers to follow their favorite programs and see what’s coming up in the next few hours, days or weeks. With Playout Time Zone Manager, set different shows for different locations depending upon their timezone. Easy to repeat feature that helps in repeating the schedule content for next timeslot.


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Muvi Kart is a perfect add-on to supercharge your OTT platform that allows platform owners to sell physical goods & merchandizes along with video contents. Platform owners can sell anything from DVDs to T-shirts, Hero Scale Models, Cups and Watches and categorize every section of goods so that they appear right next to viewers’ favorite video content. With Muvi Kart you have an option to target anyone visiting your platform even if that visitor is not your customer luring them to purchase goods and merchandize from your platform. Muvi Kart comes with built-in Inventory Management to manage orders, inventories, purchase history and revenue reports, all from a single dashboard. Platform owners can even restrict shipment to specific regions depending upon their targeting strategy and business model.

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In this digital era, Blogs are very essential as it acts to communicate and engage with your audience. Through the Blogs inside Muvi Marketplace, platform owners can easily create & manage blogs on their OTT platform. Creating blogs about your relevant topics and categories and providing useful information about your content on your website will help attract more visitors to the platform. Blogs are very useful when it comes to SEO & content marketing for your platform. Adding blog topics relevant to your videos with appropriate titles and descriptions will allow search engines to send authentic traffic to your platform.

Video Monetization

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End-user Support

It is very convenient to provide a visitor with precise information regarding your platform from the website itself. Muvi Marketplace offers you an option to add “Help Center” feature to your platform that can help your customers find all the information about your OTT platform. Platform owners can solve basic queries about the platform, FAQ’s related to your platform & it’s content. With Muvi End-user support, you can add Free users to your platform and even check the status of users according to their account types including subscription, PPV, free user, cancellation and deletion. Managing users information and providing help for instance like Reset password can be easily done through end-user support.

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