Got Questions? Here are the answers to the obvious ones!

Sanjh is a decentralized content licensing marketplace that deploys blockchain technology for a secure and transparent transaction with tamper-proof record keeping from the outset. Powered by Blockchain Sanjh rules out any foul play in terms of content sharing and distribution.
Anyone who creates content or owns a license to one.
We do not charge you for listing, you may upload as many content as you want for absolutely no fee. However, we will charge you 10% of your selling amount when your content is sold to a buyer.
Yes, depending on permissions. You can allow others to see it if you would like.
Currently, it’s handled through the contract. In a future release, we will try to automate the process as much as possible.
We will send to your bank account. You can add your bank account in your profile. We send the money within 24 hours after receiving money from the buyer and contract is signed by both parties.
You will be adding only content metadata, not the video/audio file. In case you do, we encrypt the file and store it in a secure server.
Yes. It’s handled in the contract that you prepare/edit.
Association with the seller is mentioned in the contract. The contract never expires or deletes, it stays forever in the blockchain as this is the entire purpose of it. But it mentions the term when the association ends.
Yes. But Sanjh helps you only in buying/selling, not broadcasting.
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