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Make your Content Discoverable

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It’s always handy to offer a search feature on your platform. This lets users conveniently look up for titles in your library, and save time in getting at exactly what they wish to access. This makes content discovery faster and saves user’s time on unnecessary navigation through the UI.

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  • Keyword-based Search
  • Multi-format Support
  • Auto-Suggest

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Keyword-based Search

Users can use relevant keywords to search for content in the library. Keywords need not necessarily be titles. They can also be artist names, directors, music composers, fictional characters such as Batman or James Bond, lyrics writer, etc.

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Multi-format Support


Search is supported across all formats of content built on the Muvi CMS. Users can search for video and audio titles, physical products on your e-store, cast, crew, and artists’ names, metadata, etc.


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Muvi gives you the option to configure the search field to prompt auto-suggest. As a user begins to type alphabets in the search tab, the intuitive platform is capable of suggesting upto as many relevant results as possible for ease of content discovery.

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