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Built-In SEO tools for faster Go-To-Market

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Having a Search friendly website is very essential for any business, including video streaming. Anybody who’s searching for your videos or content present on your platform, should be able to easily find it with simple search in any search engines. Your Muvi website comes SEO ready that help you better submit and optimize your content and videos on Search Engines like Google and Bing.

With Muvi, your organic marketing efforts are close to zero. With pre-defined sets of Metadata, Muvi makes everything quick & simple. It provides you a complete free-hand to add and customize your own fields for better optimization.

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  • Built-In SEO Tools
  • Metadata Management
  • Webmaster & Analytics Integration
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt File

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Title and Meta-tags

Adding Title and Meta Description to your pages is very critical if you are looking for SEO Optimization. Title & Meta Description will help a user get concise summary of the various content on your platform through Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and are the first things that a Search engine like Google will index and deliver. With Muvi we take care of this automatically, as well as gives you complete control if you want to get in and get your hands dirty, manually as well.


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XML Sitemap

Muvi will automatically provide you with a XML Sitemap for your website, with sitemap you basically are allowing search engines to crawl every page from your website and also sending them a signal as soon as you have a new page or update to existing one.

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Webmaster & Analytics Integration

Muvi comes with easy to setup Google Webmaster & Google Analytics integration. This helps you diagnose and optimize your website for better Google Optimization as well as helps you track your site visitors, sources they come from as well as help you optimize your marketing campaigns and identify the highest possible ROI drivers to your site.

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A Robots.txt file is essential for any website as well as the site owner (Webmaster) as it helps them control what pages a Search engine is allowed to crawl and index and what is to be blocked. With Robots.txt, you take one step closer to your SEO strategy.

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Search Friendly URLs

All your site URLs by default are Search Friendly. You will not find dynamic URLs on your platform anywhere and this is done to ensure your site meets the required standards and is user friendly.

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SSL Ready

Having a SSL certificate has become a key to better SEO and better rankings on Google, which is why your site comes ready with a SSL certificate not only adding an extra layer of trust and security for your site visitors and paying customers, but also sending a signal to search engine like Google that you are a trusted and verified source and your site is safe to browser, allowing google to send more traffic to your site.

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H1 Tags

H1 tags are very important if you are targeting organic traffic for your streaming service. Anyone searching for relevant content from your platform over the web, should be able to discover and identify the content from H1 tags associated with that particular content or page.

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